About Us

We are Caravelas Negras Capoeira! We are a family, a team, friends and fellow sportsmen. We are always there for each other. Led by Contra Mestre Miojo, we offer capoeira classes in different cities in the Netherlands. Read here about CN Capoeira.

About Caravelas Negras Capoeira

At Caravelas Negras (CN), we practice and develop modern Capoeira. We have a contemporary style that focuses on technique, efficiency, that is applicable both as a martial art as well as when playing in different Capoeira styles. Like both Regional and Angola. We remain committed to preserving and respecting the traditions of Capoeira. The name Caravelas Negras refers to the slave ships that brought millions of Africans to Brazil.

Contra mestre Miojo

Contra Mestre Miojo has been practicing capoeira for over 30 years. For him, Capoeira is his life philosophy. He believes that Capoeira is for everyone, it promotes inclusivity and bringing people with diverse backgrounds together for mutual empowerment.

A good Capoeirista can find his way around every roda, with every opponent. He can play every capoeira style in a charming way while always controling the situation. Not just in Capoeira, but in his own life.

– CM Miojo

Mestre miojo geeft uitleg tijdens capoeirales in Amsterdam

Our Team

vrouw papagaio capoeira trap zaandam capoeirales

Instrutora Pimenta

Amsterdam-Noord en

vrouw doet halve ratslag capoeira

Graduada Charmosa

Amsterdam-Zuidoost and Amstelveen

Our Graduation system

At CN Capoeira, we utilize a colored cord system (cordas) that indicates your Capoeira level. 

The first five cordas are for students (alunos): White-yellow, yellow-yellow, yellow-orange, orange-orange, orange-blue.

The following cordas also represent a title that indicates your level: Blue-blue (graduado/a), blue-green (graduado/a), green-green (monitor), green-purple (instructor(a)), purple-purple (professor(a)), brown-brown (Contra mestre/a) and red-red (Mestre/a)

kleurensysteem cordas cn capoeira

Children have a different type of corda system, where only the ends of the cord are colored. This system is for anyone under the age of 15.

White-yellow, yellow-yellow, yellow-orange, orange-orange, orange-blue, blue-blue, blue-green, green-green, green-purple, purple-purple and gray.

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