Capoeira For kids

Are you looking for a new sport for your child? At CN Capoeira, we offer children's classes for kids of various ages! Capoeira is a martial art that incorporates elements such as music, self-defense, and acrobatics. Fun and challenging for every child. Keep on reading to learn what a kids capoeira class can offer.

Capoeira kids classes

In CN Capoeira’s children’s classes, we pay special attention to the child’s development. Capoeira is introduced in a playful manner during the lessons. Children work on their kicks, collaboration skills, acrobatic movements, and music. It’s an enjoyable and sociable activity where children can be themselves and move freely.
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Benefits of capoeira for children

Practicing a martial art has various benefits for children of all ages. Martial arts are well-known for teaching discipline, self-confidence, control, and self-awareness, in addition to other general benefits of sports such as improving motor skills. Capoeira is a highly unique martial art that is perfect for children to learn. That is because no other martial art brings all of these benefits to the table

Playful learning

The playful character of capoeira gives children the freedom to learn in their own way

Motor development

By using the whole body and dynamic movements

Cardio training

Capoeira trains your whole body. therefore it helps with strength, flexibility and rexflexes


Because of the diverse and acrobatic movements, it's a fun challenge for everyone


Learning new things and a martial art helps building resilience

Social skills

By training and playing together, you learn teamwork

How to sign up

Is your child ready to discover Capoeira? Sign up today for a free trial class using this form! For any other inquiries about our group classes for children, feel free to contact us through the inquiry form.

Sports for every child

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to participate in sports. That’s why we are affiliated with various programs that offer discounts for our capoeira classes for children:
Stadspas, jeugdfonds sport, Alkmaar actief, Aalsmeer actief, Sjors Sportief

Capoeira event

Once a year, an event is organized where capoeira participants can earn their capoeira belt (corda). During the event, children participate in workshops led by various instructors from Europe and Brazil. The event motivates children to continue practicing, always staying eager to learn and improve. It’s also a moment for parents to see everything their kid has been learning in class.

Our Capoeira kids classes

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